Stuffed Purple Unicorn

Stuffed Purple Unicorn

  • Who says unicorns don’t exist? The unique, purple unicorn, the rarest and most magical of its kind, is ready and waiting to be adopted by true believers.


  • Whether to display on a bed or a shelf with its magnificent sparkly horn or to be tucked under your little one’s arm ready for daily play, this magical unicorn is the unicorn for the job.


  • Every unicorn lover’s dream - soft purple mane, sparkly features, glittery eyes and cute and cuddly for maximum cuddle potential!


  • Measuring 12 inches long and 10 inches tall, this unicorn is just the right size to tag along with your family wherever you go and the perfect size for night time snuggles.


  • This friendly unicorn is very happy to join your family and become your new best friend - you can tell by its smiling face!


I don’t have a name yet, although I’d love you to think of one for me. I’d like to apply for the position of “Magical Unicorn” at your enchanted castle. I have a lot to offer - I’m soft and cuddly, always happy and smiling and I like to have fun.

I’m really good for hugging if you’re feeling scared or sad and I love to pretend and play.

I will keep a smile on your face and bring magic to your day.

I would never want to hurt anyone so I made sure I passed all my safety tests (I’m a straight A student!), so you know I’m no danger to anyone in your household.

Please consider me for the position you have available - I love children and grandchildren - boys and girls, I don’t mind which. I’m very happy to be given as a gift to any unicorn lovers, big or small, young or old - whoever it is, I promise to make them feel happy and loved.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Cuddle Time

I Love hugs

Hello There

Sitting on a Shelf

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