Princess Bath Toy

Princess Foam Bath Toy

  • A floating island fit for a princess! Complete with princess castle, horse and carriage and even a frog, this cute little set is sure to keep your kids happy at bath time.


  • Easy to assemble! The foam pieces fit together like a 3D puzzle to build your very own floating island. Or, use the pieces like stickers - when wet the foam pieces will stick to the walls of your tub or shower to create imaginative scenes.


  • Easy pack up! When playtime is over, pack all the pieces into the mesh net storage bag provided. It even has suction cups so you can stick it to the wall of your bath.


  • Mould and mildew resistant - the mesh design of the storage bag allows the toy pieces to drain and dry which helps prevent mould and mildew.


  • Fun for all the family! Kids of all ages, boys and girls, will all enjoy playing with this princess bath toy.

Bath Time Fun Fit For A Princess!

This unique, easy to assemble, princess set has everything you need in a bath toy.

Safe - non toxic foam construction.

Easy to assemble and use.

Educational - let the kids put it together themselves.

Encourages creative/imaginative play.

Easy to pack up.

Storage bag - mesh design to help prevent mold and mildew.

And, most importantly, it’s fun!

Keep your little ones happy and occupied during bath time.

Fun for young and old, this princess bath set would also make a great gift.

Bathtime Fun

Sticks to the Sides of the Tub

Packs away Easily

7 Piece Set

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