Checkered Fun Christmas Elf Plush Stuffed Toy – Christmas Toy- Cute Xmas Elves For Kids

  • Whether to display on a shelf with his lovely dangly legs or to create new family traditions for the Christmas holidays, this adorable elf is the elf for the job.  The official elf recommended to play Elf By Stealth.
  • Soft, cute and cuddly with plush features and a large flat bottom to help him sit up by himself, this elf is perfect to use as a Christmas decoration or a toy.  Let him help you to create precious memories for your family at the most magical time of the year.  
  • With a hat to toe measurement of 18 inches (seated measurement 10 inches) this elf is just the right size to oversee your Christmas preparations from the mantlepiece, or, maybe venture around your house to surprise the kids each morning.
  • No scary face!  Let’s be honest, some elves out there can be a little creepy looking!  Not this little guy!  Perfectly detailed with long, dangly arms and legs, cute round nose, pink rosy cheeks and pointy elf ears, you (and your children) are sure to fall in love with this adorable elf.
  • So, whether it’s for a decoration, the beginning of a new family tradition, a Christmas gift or an addition to your stuffed toy collection, this gorgeous little elf is very happy to join your family and become your new best friend - you can tell by the smile on his face!

Christmas Elf

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The Official Elf to Play Elf by Stealth!

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Counting Down the Days

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I don’t have a name yet, although I’d love you to think of one for me.

I’d like to apply for the position of “Christmas Elf” at your house.

I have a lot to offer - I’m soft and cuddly, always happy and smiling and I like to have fun.
I love helping families to get ready for Christmas - it really is a magical time of the year! When you don’t need me, I’m very happy to sit on a shelf and dangle my legs while I watch over the excitement that the holiday season can bring.

I would never want to hurt anyone so I made sure I passed all my safety tests (I’m a straight A student!), so you know I’m no danger to anyone in your household.

I’m high quality and made to last so you can expect me to be passed on through your family for years to come to keep your Christmas traditions alive.

Please consider me for the position you have available - I love children and grandchildren - boys and girls, I don’t mind which. I’m very happy to be given as a gift - maybe your girlfriend, boyfriend or some special little person in your life - whoever it is, I promise to make them happy and spread Christmas Cheer!

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Checkered Fun Elf

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